The worry with web development is that you won’t get quite what you need, and that then you’ll have paid for something you don’t understand how to put right yourself, and will have to pay again to get it fixed.

I found that Jason asked enough questions to help me get clearer about what I actually wanted, with the result that there was less to and fro to get the job done than would usually be the case.

I liked the fact that I could just describe the end result of what I wanted to be able to do, and Jason would suggest the most efficient and flexible way of doing it, rather than me having to take time to research the available options and be more specific about what I wanted.

The shopping cart with custom invoicing option that Jason has set up for me works very smoothly and cuts my admin time. There was a quick turnaround on the project and the support has been very responsive.

I would recommend Jason as a supplier who gets on and does what’s needed to a high standard and without fuss.

– Jason Buckley,

My regular web developer had a major unforeseen situation and wasn’t able to fix an urgent problem I had. Ordinarily, I would have been back to the lottery of finding someone new and we all know what that’s like. It can be a real minefield.

Fortunately, she was able to recommend TurboWebs and Jason to me and I’m glad she did.

Jason is a great communicator and he’s not afraid to make suggestions if he feels there is a better solution to a problem.

He’s good at detail too. If he doesn’t understand what you want, he’ll ask you if he’s correctly interpreted what you need before wasting time going down the wrong path.

I also like his responsiveness, I’ve found for simple stuff he reacts in hours rather than days.

I have no hesitation in recommending TurboWebs for website work. Jason gets things done promptly and accurately.

– Duncan

When it came time to develop another new web site, we did not hesitate to contact TurboWebs to take on that project, as he had a proven track record of supporting our existing web site while under the employment of our web hosting company.

Jason designed and developed our web site,, with little input from us. His ideas never cease to amaze us. We gave him the guidelines as to what we were looking for, and he exceeded our expectations.

Jason goes above and beyond to make certain that I completely understand what is needed to manage our web site after its initial creation. He has even created videos showing me the steps when I expressed confusion after a written explanation. Jason is quick to respond to problems and always has the answers.

I take comfort in knowing that Jason will look out for us. He is very dedicated and takes his work very seriously. I know that he is just an email or phone call away to solving any issue I might come up against.

I would not hesitate to recommend TurboWebs to anyone considering web site help. I know that they would thank me for it.

– Gayle Jones,

Most computer companies and technologically saavy people have a tendency to be condescending, impatient, and unwilling to teach. They just want to fix the problem and anything else is almost an inconvenience to them.

Jason’s talented at doing more than just fixing. He is continually helpful and efficient, as in he didn’t drag out the process just to bill more hours.  Most of the time I’m surprised at how quickly the work is finished.  Jason takes the time to explain to me why something needs to be done, and why it is the best way in comparison to the alternatives.

Jason does a fantastic job. It’s obvious he is well educated in his field, but more than that I can trust that he actually cares enough to make the best decision for our company, both financially and in terms of functionality for what our business needs.

I would absolutely recommend TurboWebs to anyone that needs help, and I often do. When it comes to working with Jason there is no dread in picking up the phone to call for help. In fact I never hesitate to call. Anyone would be out of their mind to use anyone but TurboWebs.

– Sheryl Parks, Winston Services, OK