You need to work with someone that has the heart of a teacher. Someone that can not only consult with you about the best solution for what you need, but explain and compare in a way that you understand.

Have you ever worked with someone that didn’t have the heart of a teacher? You explain what you want and they say sure we can do that. You get a finished website, but somethings just aren’t quite what you wanted and you don’t know why. You struggle but you make do.

Later you talk with someone else that explains how some of the technologies work. Why you could do one thing but not another. How to do something more effectively. Where to go to utilize a particular tool.

Now it seems like a door has suddenly been opened. You understand more. Frustration isn’t ruling your world because even if you can’t do something in particular you have a better understanding why.

This is the heart of a teacher. Some one who will exceed your expectations with more than just doing, but explaining Why, What, How, Who, Where.

The Best Salesperson You’ve Ever Known

Your website is potentially the best salesperson you’ve ever known. It never sleeps, open 24 hours a day 7 days a week even on holidays. If you train it properly you only have to train it once and it will repeat the same process for every single visitor, every single time, flawlessly.

But what does a good salesperson do in front of a potential client? Engage, communicate, provide solutions? Does your website do this or is it more of just a brochure site designed to stroke the company ego?

The days of just having a website are gone. Your website needs to be more than the mundane websites out there fighting for attention. If you strive for a successful website that will return results for your business you need to unlock it’s potential.

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