Have you ever been in this situation?

Yes Mr. Business Owner we can develop your website using PHP, MySQL, we’ll add some SEO, then follow up with some SEM.

And you are scratching your head and thinking “SOS”?

I’m not exactly sure why developers and technical people use so many acronyms. But do you even really care what they mean? What is the only acronym you are really interested in?

ROI – Return On Investment. It’s really the only one that matters.

What is a Heart of a Teacher?

Think about it as someone who instead of trying to impress you with their use of combining letters of the alphabet, actually listens to you long enough to understand how your business operates, and then helps you understand a strategy that will get you more sales.

Understanding is the key element, on both sides of the equation. My goal is to understand your business, how you make money, when you make money, who are your customers, where are your customers, etc. Then to come up with a strategy that gets those customers walking through your door.

But on your side of the equation you need to also understand the strategy.

You don’t want to feel like you are in the dark. Aimlessly wandering around putting all your trust in someone else’s hands. You need to be confident you are making the right choice. What is being done, why it’s being done, how it’s being done, when it’s going to be done.

And when you have someone working for you that takes the time to ensure you understand where you are currently at, what the strategy going forward is, and how that needs to be done, then you know you are working with someone that has the Heart of a Teacher.

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