Your small business has a passion behind it, your passion. You must have passion to succeed with any kind of business. No matter what you are selling or producing or offering, you need to believe in your product or services and stand behind them.

What about your Web Developer?

Shouldn’t they have the same kind of passion for helping you to the best ability possible? I’m not just talking about a passion to build websites but a passion to build successful websites.

Knowing how to build something is one thing. Spending the time to understand the needs, find the best solution, and build something the best way is another.

You could just have another vendor that does what you need and how you explain it, or you could have a partner to bounce ideas off of, to consult with, to succeed with.

What’s a Code Monkey?

There are actually a lot of code monkey’s all over the place, you might not have known how to spot them.

A code monkey is one of those people that might be able to get you the cheapest rates. They’ll produce a website and help with surrounding technologies for low payments. They do exactly what you tell them, how you tell them.

Now if you are in the business of selling Acme Widgets, are you also equipped to know the best way to build an online presence?

Here is where the problem with a code monkey comes into play. They do it exactly how you want, but you don’t know the best way yourself. Later you find the site is too slow, so you have to spend more money. Later you find out the site doesn’t convert well, so you have to spend more money.  Later you find out the wrong technology was used to be flexible enough for your needs so you might even have to start over!

Getting a deal can look great on the bottom line, but everyone has heard the saying “You get what you pay for”. Getting a deal without seeing any return of your investment makes all that work worthless. You need to find the balance.

Not so expensive you are just wasting money, and not so cheap that you don’t get what you really want, a successful online presence.  A website that produces leads and gains recognition. A blend of social media and marketing.

Let’s Talk More About My Passion

I believe that I can help businesses in 4 basic areas. For each area I’ve created it’s own page for you to learn about my goals for your online presence. Hope you have fun:

If you want to learn more about my specific history and experience that got me to where I am you can go to my About Page.