O2 Concepts

Website located at http://www.O2-Concepts.com/. Client purchased a website from one of those development companies that use their own custom content management system. The company charges per page per month. High Fees, restrictions in functionality and just unsavory support. We rebuilt the site using WordPress putting the client in control of their own destiny.

Kitchen & Bath Authority

Located at KBAuthority.com¬†with this project the old website was heavily outdated due to customizations on X-Cart. After a crash and several odd problems that occurred, we rushed to salvage the data, upgrade to the latest version of X-Cart and revitalize their website with a fresh design. With over 8,000 products at the time it wasn’t an easy project but we pulled it off in about a week, getting the client back online and making a profit.

Dr. Vinyl Mastermind

This client requested a complete content management system, that would be membership driven and completely private to their internal worldwide franchise system. Utilizing WordPress, several plugins, and customizations I filled that need very easily allowing them to run a private membership site complete with forum system.

Personal Business Skills

This client needed a private content management system with 4 levels of membership and capable of handling 4,000 pages of content. WordPress was a bit of a stretch with this much content, but since the organization was simple, the ease of WordPress with managing members and content fit the bill.

Digital 2 You

This budget was on a tight budget as it wasn’t a primary form of revenue for the business. I took their previous website, upgrading it to the newest version of X-Cart and adding just enough customizations to keep it looking from a default installation. I kept everything within the constraints of the clients budget.