Over the course of the last few years, my yard has been killing trees. I don’t know why, the trees just die.

Last year I ran into someone at the gas station with a big sign on the side of their truck that said they cut down trees, remove stumps, amongst many other services. I talked with him about getting my stumps removed, and he agreed to come by and give me a quote.  After looking over 9 Stumps he quoted me around $600.  I couldn’t help thinking that’s a lot of money, even just per stump.

I asked him how he planned on getting the stumps out. His response was that he’d have 2-3 guys show up and dig the stumps up. I took his number and said I’d call on him another day if I planned on doing it. The cost was just a bit too much.

This year a guy stopped by the house.  He says he noticed all the stumps in the yard and said he could remove them. $225 for the whole lot. Wow, I jumped on the deal. Less than half the price? I was thinking maybe he had trained monkeys running around or an elephant that would just pull them out with one swift tug.

Having the Right Tool Made the Difference

I followed him out to the yard, and watched him proceed to unload a vehicle with about the same footprint as a smart car.  It was a stump grinder but not one of those hand operated ones even.  You could drive this thing with just a few handles on the side.  The machine proceeds to chew up tree stumps leaving just holes with a mound of dirt beside them, which were then raked back over.

All 9 stumps in about 25 minutes. And these weren’t small stumps.

Does Your Website Have the Right Tools?

Every project has the right tools to make the job easier. Are you using the right tools?

Every project, every website, every job, might have similarities, but those minor differences are what make your site unique. And being unique means it needs the gentle touch of a skilled craftsman. You can get the job done with twice the work, or you can get twice as much done with half the work.

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