Taking a list of web development services and trying to apply them to any website just can’t possibly work.

Each website is like a snowflake. A website might start as from the same standard script, such as WordPress or X-Cart, but then it’s customized and modified to become unique.  There are different plugins, unique content, a wide range of features that result in this perfectly unique little snowflake floating around the internet.

Here you’ll find a list of standard services that I can offer to build, help or diagnose a website, but the range of services is much wider than I can explain here. If you have a project you would like help with please don’t hesitate to ask, if I can’t help I can sometimes offer recommendations. You can email me on the contact form.

Overview Site Analysis

This is a full work up for a website.  I’ll generate a report on Page Speed, it’s W3C Compliance and basic SEO factors. This is where you can find out about potential base problems that might exist on your website that can hamper future growth and success.

Site Speed Investigation and Repair

If you are having issues with the speed of your website you’ve probably also heard that Google is judging a ranking factor based off of this speed.  No one knows how much weight the speed of your site affects ranking, but we also know that visitors are impatient.  Speed is important hands down. This is not just an Analysis, this is where I get into your site finding problems and fixing the basics.


Replace Navigation with New WordPress Menu System

The old way of setting up your navigation left much to be desired. Either it was done automatically which left you with no control, or it was done manually to give you control which makes it difficult to manage. Now WordPress has a nice user friendly way to manage your navigation, giving you full control without the headaches. But how do you get your older theme to support it?  That’s where I can help.